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Character Progression Systems

This is an example of Ownership of Experience.

Avatar NFT#

A single character or avatar is a single multi-asset NFT. It can have one or more assets, but the one that matters for the game in question is a Catalog asset (composable).

Let's assume that this asset is "Level 1 avatar", and the asset has the following attributes:

  • Strength: 5
  • Dexterity: 4
  • Intelligence: 3

The asset also has a head slot, two hand slots, and a body slot, into which NFTs from the "Level 1 items" collection can be equipped.

Brain NFT + Skills#

This NFT also contains another equippable NFT: the NFT brain which is soulbound 2.0 - meaning locked into the avatar.

The NFT brain's main asset has 2 slots into which other NFTs can be equipped, whitelisted for an NFT collection called "Level 1 Skills".

Gameplay Progression#

As the player interacts with the world, they can collect items (from quests or the world or by crafting), skills (from mentors or as quest rewards), and experience points (from fighting, exploring, crafting...).

Let's assume that after a few play sessions the character has collected:

  • Items
    • 1 level 2 sword
    • 1 level 1 helmet
  • Skills
    • Prospecting 1
    • Prospecting 2
    • Swordfighting 1
    • Crafting 1
  • Experience Points
    • 3 sword XP
    • 5 crafting XP

Let's assume that a character levels up for every 7 skill points burned.

The character currently cannot equip the level 2 sword because the sword requires a level 2 avatar. They can easily equip the helmet, though, since it is level 1.

This is specifically possible because of RMRK's equippable logic where you can define which collections can be equipped into which slot:

  • head: skybreach_collection_headwear_level_1
  • hand_left: skybreach_collection_handheld_level_1
  • hand_right: skybreach_collection_handheld_level_1

Assuming you need level amount of XP to set a skill to the desired level, e.g. to go from 3 to 4 you need 4 XP, the character can upgrade Swordfighting to L2 and Crafting to L3 by burning the relevant XP points (burn the non-transferable skill point NFTs).

Therefore, by burning 2 sword XP and 5 crafting XP, the character now has Swordfighting L2, and Crafting L3, but also burned a total of 7 points which means it gets another asset added: "Level 2 avatar"

This asset has a different layout of equippables, different settings of what you can equip into which slot:

  • head: skybreach_collection_headwear_level_1, skybreach_collection_headwear_level_2
  • hand_left: skybreach_collection_handheld_level_1, skybreach_collection_handheld_level_2
  • hand_right: skybreach_collection_handheld_level_1, skybreach_collection_handheld_level_2

Because "level 2 sword" is in the skybreach_collection_handheld_level_2 collection, it is now equippable into either hand. The slots of course remain compatible with level 1 items.

This is how a character progression system can work for skills, XP points, and changing requirements for items, skills, spells, etc.