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NFT Evolution

With last-gen NFT technology, replacing an NFT to evolve or change it requires either centralized metadata, or a burn-and-mint mechanic.

With RMRK's Multi-Resource NFTs, this is easier.

If a resource is added to an NFT with an extra argument provided targeting an existing resource by resource ID, that targeted resource will be replaced.

This makes for good evolution mechanics where an NFT can grow or change over time. E.g. a tree that grows from seed, to sapling, to young tree, to mature tree. Additionally, assuming the tree NFT needed to be watered with 💦 emoji every week or else it would die, it is possible that yet another resource could represent a tree's death stage.

Each stage of its growth is a new resource, replacing the previous one.

This is also useful in games. Imagine Pikachu evolving into Raichu by just having a resource replaced in a fully decentralized way, no single point of failure in between.