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Ownership of Experience

In current metaverse projects, most experience is stored on a centralized server: your level progress, skills, even resources gathered. In most cases, even projects advertising equippables use just a centralized database to pretend it's NFT equipment, misleading their community.

If this server goes down - as it inevitably will due to expensive centralized infrastructure and vampire attacks from other projects - so does the experience.

RMRK NFTs enable true Ownership of Experience in that you log out of a game-like experience with a slightly more valuable NFT every time.

Your character can grow and level up over time by collecting non-transferable soulbound 2.0 "experience NFTs", it can keep its accessories and assets inside of itself, and it can be given new visual of functional assets over time as it evolves.

This allows an NFT to grow, evolve, and keep growing in value in a decentralized way, to the point of being recognizable as valuable and evolved by any future game or metaverse project.

With RMRK, NFTs become generational wealth through Evolution or Character Progression Systems.