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Getting Started

This documentation portal should provide you with everything you need to get started with RMRK as a user or developer.

Please refer to the individual sub-sections of the docs for more information on specific versions, products, and tools RMRK offers, or read below to get familiar with RMRK in general.

Note that these docs are geared towards technical users and those who would like to get to know RMRK in depth. An easy-to-consume non-technical knowledgebase is published here.

What is RMRK?#

RMRK is a set of NFT standards which compose several "Modular NFT" primitives. Putting these "legos" together allows a user to create NFT systems of arbitrary complexity.

If you want to dive right in, see the concepts page.

Broadly, the RMRK standard exists in three formats:

One of the best short introductions into RMRK is the following video:

What is RMRK's history?#

RMRK (pronounced "remark") was founded in 2020 by Bruno Škvorc, Web3 Foundation's technical educator at the time. Originally a hobby project, RMRK evolved into a team of 20 people.

Learn more about some of the team on the homepage.

The RMRK team is the custodian and main developer of the set of open source Modular NFT standards known as RMRK standards and of the Skybreach metaverse, and a for-profit company building products on top of this infrastructure.

Put bluntly, the RMRK team wanted to build cool products, but the infrastructure to build them on did not exist yet so they chose to build the infrastructure first. This infrastructure is now available to everyone.

How do I use RMRK?#

As a user or author, you can mint on the Singular UI. A self-help knowledgebase is set up here, and our YouTube channel has various tutorials on how to use the app.

As a developer who wants to build their own wallet or UI for RMRK, you probably want to learn the concepts first, then refer to the individual tech stack you are interested in (Kusama, EVM, pallets (Rust)).

RMRK-based projects#


  • Singular: the official NFT marketplace for RMRK NFTs: create and sell advanced NFTs
  • Kanaria: NFT birds that can wear other standalone NFTs, equip and unequip items, and have multiple assets - the first production demo of Modular RMRK's NFTs
  • Mintaur: Mint modern Modular NFTs on demand.
  • Upgradooor: Amplify your regular ERC-721 NFTs by converting them into Modular RMRK NFTs
  • Emotes: React to any NFTs using the RMRK Modular NFT Emotes Standard
  • Wizard: Create your own RMRK custom contracts


  • Evrl00t: an RPG game built on Kusama and the Kusama version of RMRK.

The RMRK Token#

The RMRK token is the protocol's official token. It is not required to use the protocol, but can augment the experience, and is required as a deposit for Sybil resistance and spam resistance when creating collections that get auto-added to Singular from the various supported chains. For more information about the $RMRK token, please see this page.