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RMRK NFT 2.0 Concepts

The RMRK NFT 2.0 Concepts are:

  • Nested NFTs
    • The ability for any NFT to contain other RMRK NFT
  • Multi-resource NFTs
    • The ability for an NFT to vary its output depending on the context it is being loaded in
  • Equippable NFTs
    • The ability for NFTs to equip owned NFTs in order to gain extra utility or change their appearance, also known as composable NFTs
  • On-chain emotes
    • The social mechanic of sending and rendering received emotes (emoji reactions) on any NFT
  • Conditional Rendering
    • The ability for an NFT to have different client-side outputs depending on some on-chain or off-chain values
  • NFTs as DAOs
    • The ability for NFTs to be fractionalized and community governed
  • Non-transferable NFTs
    • The ability for NFTs to be bound to another NFT or to an account address
  • Provable Digital Scarcity
    • The concept that an NFT is only available in one place at one time, enforced by the blockchain's security.

Explore each on its own separate page.