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RMRK NFT 2.0 Concepts

The RMRK NFT 2.0 Concepts are divided into RMRK legos and RMRK concepts. Legos are primitives that make up complex use cases and enable certain concepts.

RMRK Legos#

  • Nestable NFTs
    • The ability for any NFT to contain other RMRK NFT
  • Multi-asset NFTs
    • The ability for an NFT to vary its output depending on the context it is being loaded in
  • Equippable NFTs
    • The ability for NFTs to equip owned NFTs in order to gain extra utility or change their appearance, also known as composable NFTs
  • On-chain emotes
    • The social mechanic of sending and rendering received emotes (emoji reactions) on any NFT
  • Conditional Rendering
    • The ability for an NFT to have different client-side outputs depending on some on-chain or off-chain values
  • NFTs as DAOs
    • The ability for NFTs to be fractionalized and community governed

RMRK Concepts#

Explore each on its own separate page.

Use Cases#

The Concepts are put to use in the Use Cases:

  • Cross-game skins
    • Defeating the previously valid anti-NFT argument from the game development community
  • Ticketing
    • Using multi-asset NFTs for fully decentralized ticketing solutions for events etc.
  • Revealable NFTs
    • "Hatching" NFTs after a sale in a fully decentralized way, without relying on a central metadata server
  • Metadata Backup
    • Backing up metadata in a fully decentralized way to be fully immune to server or storage-blockchain downtime
  • Mixed Media NFTs
    • NFTs that are multiple media types at the same time: an eBook with a PDF and an audio file at the same time, for example, all in the same NFT
  • NFT Evolution
    • Evolving NFTs to give them utility over time. Ideal for games.
  • Character Progression Systems
    • Taking evolution further and adding true RPG mechanics for your in-game avatars